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Starlite, That can changed the world in future

Starlite is a material claimed to be able to withstand and insulate from extreme heat. It was invented by amateur chemist and hairdresser Maurice Ward (1933–2011) during the 1970s and 1980s, and received much publicity in 1993 thanks to coverage on the science and technology show Tomorrow’s World. The name Starlite was coined by Ward’s granddaughter Kimberly.


The potential outcomes for Starlite were boundless. Consider better discharge entryways, more secure furniture, heat proof regalia, weaponry, more effective rocket nose cones, and substantially more. So Ward thought, this was it. The physicist suspected that substance organizations would arrange to get their hands on the item, and that the world will be more secure place for everybody.

Be that as it may, nothing happened. There were a few tests did at ICI in one of their labs. Be that as it may, talks failed to work out. The organization was dealing with Victrex at the time, another elite thermoplastic, however not progressive. Ward says they chuckled at him at first.

when Ward and moderator Peter McCann presented the item on the arrangement of “Tomorrow’s World”. They demonstrated the item with an egg try. Amid the egg introduction, Ward and McCann covered the egg with Starlite. And afterward they pointed blowtorch fire at it. The egg ought to have broken separated inside seconds. Furthermore, after five minutes, the moderator grabs the egg, and grasps it.

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